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Omnia’s good practise: art students create environmental art in public spaces

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Omnia art students had a lack of opportunities to do their skills demonstrations at companies in their field. The first step was that Omnia art teachers negotiated with Omnia management group to be allowed to do some environmental art by their students on the walls of Omnia college with different themes suggested by their students. Several students participated in each project.

After having completed a few big wall paintings at Omnia building successfully, Omnia art teachers discovered a concept, where they discussed with different public representatives if it is possible to create environmental art in places, which were either owned by public or private owners. This concept appeared to work and now Omnia art students have had already for one and half years’ time opportunities to develop and utilize their skills by doing high quality environmental art in several places around Espoo. The theme of the art works is agreed together with the order of the art, but students have relatively free hands to choose the techniques and implement their ideas by following the main theme.

Omnia students have had art exhibitions in Espoo public libraries, and they have done window paintings in libraries’ windows. They have also created murals on the walls of some pedestrian tunnels and painted big sheets, which have been hung on the walls of for instance public sports halls. They have even been painting the windows of Espoo Chapel. It takes one period, 9-10 weeks for a student group to complete one big artwork in some chosen environment. The whole process includes planning, design, preparatory works, implementation and finalisation of the work. It ends with the customer’s and art teacher’s evaluation of the artwork. This concept has been experienced very motivating concept not only for students but also from teachers’ and customers’ point of view.

Espoo City and some private institutes have enabled students’ artistic skills become visible and appreciated by supporting this way of creating art and spreading it in different environments. The length of period, the art stays in its place, varies. The tunnel art stays for several years, window paintings, art exhibitions and wall paintings are allowed to stay from weeks to several months, even years.

This concept will be benchmarked in MOSAIC-project, when creating a sectorial study module for the field or arts and design.


Omnia students painting the wall of a pedestrian tunnel near Omnia college in Espoo centrum


Finalised tunnel walls


Finalised tunnel walls


Omnia students art on the window and pillar of a public library called Entresse in Espoo


16 m2 wall painting by Omnia art students on a sheet in public sports hall of Kera


Omnia students window painting in Suvela’s chapel


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