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SEPR VET Center Hosts European Parliament Members and French Deputies

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SEPR Vocational Education and Training (VET) Center had the honor of welcoming esteemed guests from the European Parliament and French political circles on 2 of June 2023. Sandro Gozi and Veronique Trillet-Lenoir, members of the European Parliament, joined French Deputies Anne Brugnera and Prisca Thevenot for a productive visit to SEPR. The purpose of their visit was to engage in meaningful discussions with SEPR’s learners and staff, focusing on the challenges and opportunities related to European and international mobility, as well as the impact and importance of Centers of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs).

The visit proved to be an excellent platform for building connections and fostering dialogue between policymakers and SEPR’s academic community. Learners and staff eagerly participated in the discussions, seizing the opportunity to share their experiences and gain valuable insights from the distinguished guests. The conversations centered around the crucial role that European and international mobility and CoVEs play in shaping the educational landscape and providing learners with expanded opportunities for personal and professional growth.

During the visit SEPR proudly showcased the project MOSAIC. Guests were introduced to MOSAIC’s innovative approaches and initiatives, with the focus on its aim to ensure access to quality employment and lifelong opportunities, nurturing the arts and crafts industry while identifying the skills demanded in the rapidly evolving global job market. 

Another project highlighted during the visit was MONA – Mon Apprentissage en Europe, led by Euro App Mobility. It aims to develop and enhance long-term mobility for apprentices in order to break down long-standing barriers and promote equal opportunities for learners engaged in dual education. This initiative offers apprentices the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures, gain diverse perspectives, and develop a global mindset. The discussions delved into the project’s objectives, strategies, and its potential to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among European nations.

The visit of the European Parliament members and French deputies to SEPR was a momentous occasion that reaffirmed the institution’s dedication to promoting mobility and vocational excellence. Through engaging discussions, the guests gained insights into the challenges and opportunities of European and international mobility, while also acknowledging the transformative impact of projects like MOSAIC and MONA. 

SEPR remains committed to providing practical education and preparing learners for successful careers, and collaborations with esteemed policymakers hold an important position in achieving this vision. By embracing continuous improvement and forging meaningful partnerships, SEPR paves the way for a brighter future, where VET assumes a vital role in shaping tomorrow’s skilled workforce.

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