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What are the first steps of the MOSAIC project towards future-proofing training in Arts and Craft?

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The MOSAIC coordinators, SEPR, gave a wonderful welcome to the project partners last week in Lyon as they all met each other for the first time.

Implementation of the project was discussed on how MOSAIC will foster excellence in VET (Vocational Educational Training) within the Arts & Crafts sector to ensure high quality skills that lead to quality employment and career-long opportunities, which meet the needs of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy.

In the next couple of months the team will be busy carrying out research on the follow themes:

  • What skills are needed by the craft companies working in the sectors of traditional & rare crafts, precious metals & jewellery, furniture & wood, design arts & industry? How do they see the future and the changes that will affect their sectors?
  • What are the characteristics that facilitate the establishment of craft R&D centres or departments in a VET school? What are the steps needed to create an R&D centre? How can enterprises contribute, especially those which have limited investment capacity in R&D and new technology?
  • How has digitalisation been integrated into the ordinary processes of craft training? What are the consequences brought by the Covid-19? How is it possible to improve the digitisation process to enrich and not substitute the activities in presence which are essential for craftsmen?
  • What are the needs of crafts in order to hire young people with fewer opportunities such as Special Educational Needs or disabilities?
  • How can we integrate more content on environmental sustainability and craft in our training courses?
  • What are the most innovative ways for craft practitioners to do business? How can online marketing and digitalisation support start-ups? How can the sharing economy benefit young people willing to create their own companies

The first MOSAIC actions will be:

  • A questionnaire will be developed and circulated to organisations connected to the field of Arts and Craft to understand the perceived skills gaps for Craft Practitioners, what skills are needed in the future, with focus on digital, sustainability and social inclusion skills.
  • A self assessment tool will be circulated to craft teachers to benchmark the existing digital skill and competencies in Arts and Craft training.
  • Research will begin on the digitalisation, sustainability and social inclusion activities currently thriving in the field of Arts and Craft, to identify trends, case studies and map good practices that will influence the future training development actions of the MOSAIC project.
  • New innovative economic and social business models (e.g shared spaces, coworking, slow-made, circular economy) will be researched and mapped to inspire new models fundamental to support the future sustainability of Craft Practitioners.

The team can’t wait to get started. Stay connected to the MOSAIC project for updates!

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