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The Art of Creating: MOSAIC’s Journey into the European Arts and Crafts Observatory

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Bringing the Future of Arts and Crafts to Life, Serious Things and One Playful Idea at a Time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to time travel into the future? To catch a glimpse of something incredible that’s yet to come? Well, hold onto your seats because MOSAIC is about to take you on a journey where artistry, design thinking, and a touch of magic converge to shape the future of arts and crafts education!

Picture this: a room filled with creative minds from around the world, each armed with pens, paper, and a dash of imagination. They’re on a mission to forge the European Arts and Crafts Observatory.

Our adventure kicks off in Bologna, Italy, from the 4th to the 5th of October. A motley crew of MOSAIC partners from France, Finland, Bulgaria, Italy, and even the far-off lands of Canada and Armenia gathered at Fondazione Golinelli, guided by none other than the enchantingly named Stupid Studio; Yes, you read that right—Stupid Studio. But don’t let the name fool you!

A Not-So-Stupid Beginning

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room: Stupid Studio. Despite its unconventional name, Stupid Studio proved to be a fountain of wisdom when it came to the art of design thinking.

A Dash of Playfulness and The Time Travelers

As the seminar kicked off, participants were divided into groups, each brimming with ambition to shape the future of the European Arts and Crafts Observatory. They were eager to contribute their unique perspectives, expertise, and visions. It was a place bubbling with creativity and ideas.

And speaking of ideas, the participants didn’t just plan for the future—they traveled there! Our imaginative journey didn’t involve a TARDIS, but it did feature a little time travel. They embarked on a journey into the future to see what the Observatory would look like. Back in the present, participants wrote letters to their future selves, capturing their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the Observatory. And guess what, this future was worth pursuing.

The Future Manifesto

It wasn’t just letters that fueled the imagination; it was the “Future Manifesto Board” that really brought the future to life. This board was a canvas for participants to share their stories of how the Observatory came into existence. They crafted a narrative that spoke of their vision, the challenges they overcame, and the unique value their Observatory brought to Arts & Crafts VET.

Let’s Draw the Observatory

But what’s a creative venture without some doodles? The participants took up their pens and pencils to sketch the Observatory. These drawings weren’t just any drawings; they were windows into the creative souls of the participants, each telling a unique story and sharing a vision. The Observatory came alive through their art and storytelling.

Crafting the Observatory’s Legacy

The European Arts and Crafts Observatory is not just another project. It’s an endeavour that aims to add value at the European and international levels. It will harness the potential of digital technologies to collect data, monitor skills gaps, and fuel dialogue within and beyond the arts & crafts ecosystem. It’s designed for the long haul, with plans to remain accessible after the project’s funding period ends.

Crafting the Observatory’s Future

The MOSAIC project has big plans for the European Arts and Crafts Observatory:

  • Monitoring Skills Supply/Demand: The Observatory will continually monitor skills supply and demand in the Arts and Crafts sector, ensuring education aligns with industry needs.
  • European and International Collaboration: It emphasizes collaboration among countries, providing a European and international value. More countries are expected to join, enriching the understanding of future skills needs in arts & crafts.
  • Leveraging Digital Technologies: The Observatory will harness digital technologies to collect data and host statistics from countries beyond the partnership, becoming the go-to source for arts and crafts information in Europe.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: By introducing a new concept, it will become a hub for innovation and dialogue, containing all publications produced from MOSAIC research, providing a comprehensive view of arts and crafts education.

A Bright Future Ahead

After our fruitful meeting in Bologna, exciting developments are in motion for the Observatory project. Soon, we’ll introduce a detailed roadmap to steer our path ahead. Tackling the wealth of knowledge we gathered has been a thrilling challenge. The brilliant ideas generated through our collaboration are truly remarkable, and we’re eager to see how they’ll propel the Observatory project to new heights.

As we wrap up our journey through the Design Thinking Seminar, we leave you with this: the European Arts and Crafts Observatory is on its way, and it’s destined to be something truly beautiful. It’s a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and a touch of playfulness in shaping the future of arts and crafts education.

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