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Craft Your Impact: MOSAIC gadgets open call invitation!

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Call open until April, 10 2024

What is MOSAIC?

Embark on the MOSAIC project, a captivating exploration where Arts & Crafts command the stage! We cast a crafty light on Traditional & Rare Crafts, Precious Metals & Jewellery, and Furniture & Wood, all seamlessly entwined with Design, Arts & Industry. Our transnational partnership invites EU and non-EU collaborators to elevate Vocational Education and Training (VET) skills. We’re not just crafting; we’re crafting for a future in support of quality jobs and lifelong opportunities in an inclusive, and eco-friendly economy. MOSAIC strides towards breaking down silos, uniting universes in need of a friendly nudge.

Objectives of the project

  1. Cultivate collaboration between companies and VET centers, striving for a state of mutual fertilization.
  2. Promote VET excellence through the incorporation of innovative, cutting-edge training modules.
  3. Foster internationalization and transnational strategies, dynamically responding to the evolving VET and societal landscape.
  4. Pioneer forward-looking VET by seamlessly integrating digital methodologies and tools.

Why We Need You

Craftspeople, your talents complete the mosaic! We seek skilled craft practitioners who can provide authentic gadgets, moving away from industrial items, all in harmony with the overarching mission of the MOSAIC project supporting craft and sustainability. We also would love to hear and share your stories on the MOSAIC website. Your unique narratives will add depth and richness to the community we are building.

Who is this open call for?

Craftspeople, seize your moment! If you are a professional in Arts and Crafts making, MOSAIC wants to see your ideas and share your story. And we are thrilled to share that we have dedicated calls to foster the creation of a curated selection of gadgets that not only showcase local craft practices but also celebrate the rich heritage behind them.

National open calls are launched in the countries representing the MOSAIC partnership and are open for residents from the following countries:

Armenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Italy France, Italy

What are we looking for?

On the hunt for ingenious gadgets, either hand-made or digital, that illustrate a craft process. These gadgets are destined to be ambassadors, championing the MOSAIC project and the art of craftsmanship. They shall claim the spotlight at international dissemination events throughout the unfolding of the project.

Have a look at the MOSAIC gadget representing the Finnish partners!

Here’s an example of a gadget that will represent the Finnish partners of the MOSAIC project!
Designer Lea Akkila, a student of MOSAIC partner OMNIA, a Finnish vocational school that provides various degrees ranging from nursing to woodcrafting/product manufacturing, has designed this wooden box in collaboration with Wooden Oy, a modern woodworking factory in Espoo, Finland and a company partner of MOSAIC.

Have a look at Lea’s creative craft process that motivated the design of the box. Selected gadgets in this open call will become ambassadors of the MOSAIC project, championing the art of craftsmanship.

Edited by OMNIA media student Lina Korhonen


Description of Required Gadgets

  1. Gadgets should showcase a craft process (hand-made or digital), and ideally reflect local heritage/traditions and be guided by the principles of sustainability.
  2. Gadgets should be easily picked up with one hand and suitable for travel. If necessary, packaging should also be considered.
  3. Ensure adequate space for MOSAIC branding (minimum space is 1.5 cms x 4 cms ).

Value of Call

The budget available for each open call, in each country, is €2,500.00. This budget is for the design, creation and production of your proposed gadget. This includes VAT and any eventual banking fees for payment, upon receipt of an invoice.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Quantity for Budget (40%): Consider the number of gadgets within the allocated budget.
  2. Sustainability Impact (20%): Evaluate how gadgets contribute to sustainability, emphasizing recycled materials.
  3. Heritage and Tradition (20%): Examine how gadgets showcase and celebrate local heritage.
  4. Creative Process (20%): Assess creativity and uniqueness in gadget development.

The MOSAIC partnership reserves the right to make no selection, in the event that gadgets proposed are not deemed appropriate, for artistic, practical and financial purposes.


The call runs until April, 10th 2024.

Selection Methodology

The selection process involves two steps:

  1. First Step – Country MOSAIC Partners Shortlist: Each country cluster will evaluate and shortlist 5 applications based on the assessment criteria.
  2. Second Step – Final Selection by MOSAIC Consortium: Representatives from all MOSAIC country clusters will collectively make the final selection of the winning gadget from the shortlisted applications.

Winning applicants will be selected by the 12th April 2024.

Delivery times will be agreed with the MOSAIC partnership.

How to apply

Ready to showcase your craft on the global stage? Don’t miss out this opportunity to be part of the MOSAIC project. We cannot wait to see the incredible gadget you will create.

Selected candidates will be expected to share their creative story on the MOSAIC website and social channels.

Apply now >>

Contact Us

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated country representative at We are here to help!

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