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Focus on the skills needs of canadian companies

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In June, Inovem held a focus group with Canadian companies in the wood and wood processing sector.  The topic of discussion was employee skills needs.  Inovem project manager Eric Allard and ÉNMÉ teacher Patricia Gendron moderated and guided the activity.

Discussions focused on the current skills of new employees on the market, both those acquired and those lacking.  Various aspects of sustainable development, social inclusion, research and development, digitalization and new business models were openly discussed. The conversation continued on the skills that need to be met in the near future.

Unsurprisingly, sustainable development and social inclusion pose the greatest challenges.  Entrepreneurs’ determination to improve these aspects is very real, but a lack of information, resources and support makes it difficult to implement these skills.

4 entrepreneurs of very different sizes and backgrounds generously took part in these exchanges:

  • Polybois, a 50 years old company of 100 employees producing architectural millwork;
  • Masigny ébénisterie, a 5-employee company who’s making custom furniture for designers and private customers for 8 years;
  • Ébénisterie Au Niveau, a 10-employee company specialised in digital cutting and RV furniture. In business for 14 years.
  • Cuisine SF, a young company employing 3 people, specialised in fitting out kitchens for private customers.

The results of these exchanges will enable the Mosaic project to direct its training actions to help those working and learning in the field.

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