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MOSAIC First Dissemination Event in France: Showcasing Excellence in VET and Building Networks

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On 30 of March, SEPR had the privilege of hosting the first dissemination event of MOSAIC Centre of Vocational Excellence. Co-organized with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (CMA) and University Jean Monnet (UJM) in Saint-Étienne, the event provided a platform for French partners to present MOSAIC to more than 80 participants, sharing insights into its objectives, activities, and early results. This occasion celebrated the commitment to promoting excellence in VET and fostering valuable partnerships. The dissemination event was organised during the European Artistic Crafts days reflecting the very essence of MOSAIC – a dedicated pursuit of excellence in arts and crafts.

Celebrating Talent and Skills: The event started  with the announcement of the winners of the regional contest of WorldSkills France – a vocational skills competition. As an associated partner of MOSAIC, WorldSkills France played a pivotal role in organizing the competition, which showcased exceptional talent and skills in fields such as jewelry, pastry, aesthetics, and graphic design. This collaboration not only acknowledged the mastery within these domains but also acted as a driving force in promoting excellence in VET.

Unveiling MOSAIC: The dissemination event offered French partners an opportunity to showcase MOSAIC project’s vision and achievements. Through interactive sessions and informative presentations, attendees gained valuable insights into the project’s core objectives. MOSAIC’s focus on vocational excellence in the arts, crafts, and design sectors became evident as participants discovered the innovative approaches and initiatives designed to equip learners with the skills required for successful careers and lifelong opportunities.

Forging Networks and Partnerships: In addition to introducing MOSAIC, the event fostered the formation of valuable networks and collaborations.  By cultivating collaboration among professionals, educators, industry experts, and policymakers, MOSAIC aims to create a supportive ecosystem that nurtures and promotes the arts and crafts sector. This network of local stakeholders to be established in each MOSAIC partner country, will play a pivotal role in shaping the future success of the project and driving its impact within and beyond the industry.

Empowering Vocational Education: The MOSAIC dissemination event showcased the transformative power of VET in shaping lives and boosting economic growth. By recognizing the value of practical skills and craftsmanship, MOSAIC bridges the gap between education and the labor market, ensuring learners are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their chosen professions. The event underscored the importance of vocational excellence and its impact on individuals, industries, and society as a whole.

Overall, the first dissemination event of MOSAIC at SEPR marked a significant milestone in the promotion of VET and excellence. By showcasing objectives and achievements, building networks, and empowering learners, MOSAIC is at the forefront of shaping the future of VET in arts and crafts, ensuring a skilled workforce and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the industry.

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