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MOSAIC’s 2nd Transnational Meeting: A Confluence of Ideas, Progress, and Collaboration

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From October 3rd to 4th, 2023, the historic city of Bologna, Italy, hosted the second transnational meeting of the MOSAIC project, an initiative committed to reshaping education and training in the Arts & Crafts field. These two action-packed days were filled with updates, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative planning, marking a significant step towards the project’s ambitious goals.

Day 1: A Warm Welcome and Insightful Updates

The event kicked off with a heartfelt “Grazie” to the Italian hosts, Scuola Centrale Formazione, Uniser and  Unioncamere. Their warm hospitality set the tone for a productive and collaborative meeting.

SEPR, as the MOSAIC project coordinator from France, skillfully navigated through the agenda, offering a glimpse into the 2024 transnational events and activities. This initial navigation provided participants with a roadmap for the discussions and activities ahead. SEPR presented an overview of the project’s progress and highlighted any challenges encountered thus far. This allowed participants to gain insights into the achievements and hurdles faced by the project team.

A significant highlight of the day was the presentation by Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne (UJM). Their comprehensive research findings on skill gap analysis, sustainability, inclusion, and new business models were presented. This session provided valuable insights into the project’s research methodology and its implications for the future of education and training.

Practical Exercise and Implications

A substantial part of the meeting involved a practical exercise organised by UJM  where partners engaged in discussions regarding the implications of the project’s findings for the design of sectoral and transversal training modules for teachers and learners. This exercise aimed to foster collaboration and ensure that the project’s research findings had practical applications.

The day also included an update from Scuola Centrale Formazione on quality management, summarizing past activities, presenting findings from the Quality Management Plan, and outlining the next steps.

MOSAIC’s external evaluator, Giulia De Bernardi, presented her perspective and conducted a practical session on the external evaluation of MOSAIC deliverables. This session shed light on the importance of external evaluation in ensuring project quality and effectiveness and provided details about the evaluation approach, design, and identified limitations.

A highlight of the day was the special feature presentation of the HEPHAESTUS project by Luca Pareschi from Università di Roma Tor Vergata. This presentation opened avenues for dialogue, with attendees recognizing the synergies between MOSAIC and HEPHAESTUS projects. Both projects recognized common ground in craft skills development and education. Participants engaged in discussions about merging ideas, resources, and expertise from both projects to maximize their impact. Attendees identified overlapping areas between the two projects, opening up exciting possibilities for future collaboration.

Day 2: Blueprint for Innovation and Global Reach

Day 2 was dedicated to presentations focused on the blueprint of innovative sectoral and transversal training modules for teachers and learners. Participants from diverse backgrounds and countries came together to share their expertise and perspectives, resulting in a rich tapestry of ideas.

A quick overview of the internationalization, mobility, dissemination, and impact was presented during the day. This emphasized the project’s global reach and its commitment to disseminating valuable insights and contributions widely.

Gratitude and a Vision for the Future

As the MOSAIC 2nd Transnational Meeting concluded, participants, partners, and presenters expressed their gratitude for the successful event. Looking ahead, the MOSAIC consortium is eager to implement the insights gained during this meeting. The event in Bologna marked a significant milestone, and participants are determined to carry the momentum forward. The mosaic of ideas and collaborations created during these two days will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the future of education and training in Arts & Crafts. Until the next meeting in Finland in March, the MOSAIC team remains committed to its mission of transforming VET education in Arts & Crafts for a brighter future.

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