LAB University of Applied Sciences

LAB University of Applied Sciences operates in Finland, the cities of Lahti and Lappeenranta, and also provides education online. The strengths of this higher education institution specialising in innovation include the circular economy, design, innovations, and health.

LAB represents the vision and operating culture of the new university of applied sciences focusing on innovation, business, and industry. It depicts an active approach where different people and experts create something new together with business enterprises. LAB has 9400 students, and it is the sixth largest university of applied sciences in Finland.

The LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts is a well-respected institution and the largest BA level design educator in Finland, offering a wide variety of programs in the fields of design, fine arts, and visual communication. Our degree programs in Lahti and Lappeenranta welcome a large number of international exchange students annually. We work in close cooperation with the working life and conduct research, development, and innovation activities also internationally.
Studying in our degree programs involves working on real-life assignments and projects. Cooperation with local and international businesses ensures that the content of the studies is up-to-date and the professional networking possibilities are outstanding. This has proven to be a valuable tool towards a running start to a successful career.

LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts especially contributes to the MOSAIC project by supporting Université de Jean Monet and CCI Dobrich in the project’s research procedures and by bringing the university’s expertise to the development of innovative educational modules and teaching methods.

The fostering and development of competences and skills in arts, design and crafts is important at various levels of education, and the seamless possibilities for the progress in studies benefit not only the individual but also society as a whole. Thus, LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts is pleased to be part of the MOSAIC consortium.

Team members

Veli-Pekka Räty

RDI Specialist

Veli-Pekka Räty, (Doctor of Arts (Art and Design), MSc (Technology), works as a RDI specialist at the Institute of Design and Fine Arts, LAB University of Applied Sciences. His research and design interests include mixed reality, broadcasting, interaction design, social media, storytelling, user experience design and design competence.

Outi Peippo

Senior Lecturer

Outi Peippo is working at LAB University of Applied Sciences as a senior lecturer in the faculty of Fine Arts and working on projects. She is a tutor teacher of Fine Art students in Lappeenranta campus. She is also working as a visual artist and studying Traditional Finnish Mobilization Therapy.

Paula Nurminen

RDI Specialist

Paula Nurminen is working at LAB University of Applied Sciences as a project coordinator. Paula has previously worked for decades as a sculptor; now, she is an industrial designer who likes to design systems and build sustainability through creative methods.

Sami Lanu

Senior Lecturer

Sami Lanu is working at LAB University of Applied Sciences as a senior lecturer. Topics Sami teaches are marketing, branding, digital marketing and communication. Sami has over 20 years of experience in marketing and service design related jobs.

Katariina Mäenpää

Project Manager, RDI Specialist

Katariina Mäenpää, PhD (BA) is a RDI specialist and project manager in LAB University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design and Fine Arts. Her background is in-depth Marketing and consumer behaviour boosted with studies in Psychology, Sociology and Service Design. She is interested in innovations and inventiveness, developing learning experiences with design thinking and building international networks.