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T4EU Week in EKA – Design and sustainability

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The Estonian Academy of Arts organized the Transform4Europe (T4EU) European Universities’ study week “Design & Sustainability” in June. Transform4Europe (T4E) is a university alliance of proven excellence in strategic collaboration. This event brings together students from universities in 10 different countries for lectures and workshops. Different topics were covered during these five days : “Diffractive writing as methodological practice in art-based research” (Mona B Livholts), “Resilience in action – art education in the face of war” (Taras Lesiv), “Layers of repair and emotional durability” (Marta Konovalov), “Artistic Originality in the age of AI”, “From silk to denim : reinforcement and repair of worn clothing” (Anna-Maria Saar), etc.

Our PhD student has represented the MOSAIC project within the European T4EU project and the EKA school. She also built up a network of European students from all disciplines, discovering the different projects in construction and the perspectives of development. Several similarities exist with the MOSAIC project, giving rise to experience sharing for the team of researchers at Jean Monnet University, particularly in terms of the scientific methodologies deployed and the types of deliverables.

This Erasmus+ mobility also enabled us to explore the theme of sustainability within the design field and the arts and craft sector, with a view to the MOSAIC report “Expanding sustainability thinking in vocational education in arts and crafts”.

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