Wooden Oy was founded 1994 by its owner CEO Ola Kukkasniemi. Wooden has 8 employees and a very modern woodworking factory in Espoo, Finland. Wooden is the only company partner in MOSAIC.
Wooden is working around the world and made projects from Finnish Lapland to New York and all the way to New Delhi.

Main customers for custom made furniture are companies and government, the public sector. Wooden also manufactures wooden products of many design companies in Finland and internationally. Subcontracting is the second mainstay for Wooden. Additionally Wooden has many own products for Wooden trademark, that are sold all over the world mainly through commercial online shops. Wooden works widely with the world’s leading designers.

Wooden´s strengths are innovative modern production. Wooden is currently developing unmanned 24/7 enabling production especially for small wooden appliances to replace plastic and metal in our homes. Digitalisation is the key for this modern way of production.

At the same time the idea is to raise the digital skills of arts & crafts makers. Find new ways to produce wooden products faster, easier and safer. Innovate what production could be in the future. This also enables the company´s positive salary development and gives a head start in employing the best employees.

Wooden has Design in Finland and Made in Finland labels. Wooden belongs to the high economical AA rating group.

Team members

Ola Kukkasniemi


Ola Kukkasniemi, wood technician and cabinet maker.

Elementary school was the worst thing I´ve ever experienced in my life. Instead, Vocational School was one of the best things ever happened in my life. It was game changer for me.

The best educational system ever founded, thought.

There is my motivation for MOSAIC, give something back to the system from my experience. Future is not the past. Future is something we do not know yet.

Working experience 35 years. Founder of furniture company Wooden Oy. Entrepreneur since 1994, almost 30 years. Innovator and advocate of future technologies and development. Strong belief that new technologies in product manufacturing will save European industry.
Nature and sports lover. Empathy is my Superpower.

Motto “if there is a will there is a way”.