Since 1998, Uniser is a social co-operative based in Bologna (centre-north of Italy), which supports the internationalisation of education institutions. Today more than 300 schools in Europe cooperate with Uniser for the design and management of learning mobility projects for their students and staff, involving about 2000 learners and teachers every year for work-based learning experiences, study visits, job shadowing and training courses. As a social cooperative, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and society. We understand that education is a fundamental human right and that access to quality education is crucial for personal and social development. That is why we work everyday to support the internationalisation of education institutions all around Europe.

Team members

Giulia Ucciero

Partnership Project Officer

Graduated in Languages for Intercultural and Business Communication and then in European Studies at University of Siena, she has international experience as an EU project officer in the field of vocational education and Entrepreneurship, acquired through various Erasmus Plus, Interreg and COSME projects. In 2022 she joined Uniser, first as hosting coordinator and then as project manager of KA2 and CoVe projects, dealing mainly with project coordination, project results development and dissemination activities.

Viktorija Cesuiko

Research and Development Officer

Graduated from the Kaunas University of Technology in 2016 with a degree in European studies and double degree in French translation. In 2016, she joined Uniser team working mainly with KA1 outgoing international projects taking care of hosting partner unit as a team leader. She took part in various KA2 projects as well as INTERVET pilot projects funded by the European Commission and held different workshops on interntionalisation@home in Europe. In 2023 Viktorija became an officer of Research and Development with a main focus on strategy and design of international activities.

Lucia Mancino

Uniser vice president

Graduated in social economics, she has been the head of the Research and Development unit of Uniser since 2012 till 2020. Lucia has coordinated the implementation of KA2 projects led or participated by Uniser and she has been involved in the coordination of the Mobiliteach teacher trainings. In the MOSAIC project, she follows quality management and research activities.