TUMO Studios is a free educational program for young adults focused on the creation of analog products. Our aim is to cultivate a new generation of Armenian designers and artisans who raise the quality of locally produced goods. We program technical courses in jewellery, ceramics, embroidery, pattern making, printmaking and more, and connect local students and young professionals with local and international designers through design ateliers where they create unique and innovative products.

Team members

Patil Makrouhie Jivian

Sales, Production & Marketing Manager

During my pursuit of a BA in Social Work, I started working in the jewelry field which had a significant aspect in understanding the art of jewelry design. I also gained insights into different market strategies, which landed me a role with a high-end leather designer where I discovered the allure of craftsmanship and the artistry that lies within each piece, deftly orchestrating the creative symphony of design and logistics. With valuable experience in the field, I got the opportunity to run a fashion business by working closely with esteemed Japanese and European avant-garde designers. As I dove deeper into the world of fashion, I learned about fashion design which is an art that combines creativity, technical proficiency, and a keen understanding of trends and consumer preferences.

In the aftermath of the devastating explosion and economic crisis that shook Lebanon to its core, I relocated to Yerevan, Armenia and was offered the role of sales, production and marketing manager at TUMO Studios. My main focus is the new business model created in parallel with TUMO Studios’ educational program. Beyond merely promoting our talented students’ designs and creations, our aim is to create a sustainable revenue-generating entity—a self-sustained business that thrives in the global market. Central to my role is the establishment of a locally and globally competitive production service, one that proudly embraces Armenian craftsmanship and design.

Svetlana Barseghyan

Program Manager

With a Master’s degree in Personality Psychology and over seven years of experience at TUMO Studios first as the Program Coordinator and later the Program Manager, I have developed expertise in the intersection of education and design. My focus lies in exploring innovative teaching techniques and nurturing student creativity to make a valuable impact in the field of design education in Armenia.

Christopher Karaguezian

Design Manager

I embarked on my career in architecture and later, transitioned into Industrial design. As a freelance designer in Lebanon, my focus was on “digital crafts,” a fusion of digital manufacturing and traditional craftsmanship. During this time, I collaborated with UNIDO on two significant projects, developing educational workshops and content for local artisans in woodworking and concrete mould making. This initiative introduced them to modern techniques and machinery. Subsequently, I joined MakerBrane, a startup in the toy industry. Initially serving as an industrial designer for construction toys, I later played a key role in shaping the company’s transformation into a digital platform for online play with construction toys. I focused on optimising the user workflow, ensuring seamless interactions with the software and I took charge of creating engaging play and educational content for the platform. My responsibilities expanded to include creating educational workshops for local as well as International schools and universities. Amid Lebanon’s economic collapse, I relocated to Armenia and now serve as the design manager at TUMO Studios. My role encompasses defining the organisation’s direction, optimising workflows, crafting the educational program, and contributing to the design and development of our unique products.