Scuola Centrale Formazione, as the national body representing 51 VET providers, operating in more than 120 sites in Italy, involving 31,909 learners, joins the MOSAIC project to promote excellence in VET in the arts and crafts sector, ensure high quality skills for its members, to address the needs of an innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy

Team members


Project Manager, Head of Project Design Area

Rita is responsible for project design at the national and international level at SCF since 2005. During her professional career at SCF and before that at one of the member VET Centres, she could work on different types of programmes and projects including: Erasmus+ (KA2, KA3, Sport, COVE, Capacity Building) and previously on LLP (Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig), AMIF, EASI, Daphne, Progress, TEMPUS, Europe for Citizen, Drug Prevention, etc.

Beside project design and development, she is a member of teams coordinating national experimentations, such as: 1) design and testing of the evaluation system of key competences in IVET; 2) improvement of IVET curricula; 3) testing of the National Evaluation System in VET; 4) DUAL VET system.

She is also project manager of EU projects, such as: MOSAIC, SAAM, 3SP W4AL, MoLVET, SiQuCAE, Establishing a partnership to set up a Youth Guarantee Scheme in Veneto – YGV, etc.
French and English speaking.


National director

Lara has been Director General of Scuola Centrale since December 2022 after having served as Deputy Director for one year and previously as Head of Institutional and National Activities.

A graduate in economics from the University of Bologna, she is responsible for human resources management, strategic planning, financial management of the institution, supervision, and monitoring of activities. In her role, she participates in the governing bodies of the Association, liaises with stakeholders at national and European level (including public authorities, representative bodies of the world of education and training, trade unions, companies, research bodies, etc.), and is in charge of the organisation’s activities.

She has an in-depth knowledge of quality systems (for which she is responsible within the organisation), as well as of the management of accreditation procedures and the drafting of the mission statement.
In the course of her work within SCF, she has been involved in the design and co-ordination of training interventions particularly for trainers and research activities carried out using national and European funds.
English speaking.


Communication Contact Person

Maria Lorenzini, with a second level degree at the University of Bologna/Faculty of Letters, a Master in Economics and Cultural Management at the University of Ferrara, is at present in charge of SCF’s Communication. She is also in charge of supporting the coordination of international mobility in the framework of the SCF’s Erasmus+ Vet Mobility Charter and ESF projects. Italian mother tongue; Spanish, French and English speaking.



Sara Nasini is an English teacher at CFP Artigianelli (Fermo, Italy), one of the two Italian VET centers taking part in MOSAIC under the coordination of the project partner Scuola Centrale Formazione. She is also an adjunct professor of Chinese language and culture at the University of Macerata and the University of Urbino. After graduating from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with a master’s degree in Foreign languages and cultures, she moved to China and completed her PhD in Translation Studies at Shanghai International Studies University. She enjoys learning new things and meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds and aims at encouraging and supporting students’ curiosity and openness towards diverse peoples, languages and cultures


Pedagogical manager

Gabriela Rodriguez works as pedagogical manager at the Istituto Pavoniano Artigianelli of Trento, a VET school with a strong inclination towards innovation that is also part of the INDIRE movement.
She is part of the CDA of Scuola Centrale Formazione since 2019.

She has taught in secondary school for more than 18 years. She continues to teach there and also at the University of Trento where she has a role of support to the teaching in the field of Semiotics of visual representation.

She has a deep interest in design thinking, active learning approaches and the influence of the environment in the learning process.

The degree in architecture allowed Gabriela to bring together two areas of interest: learning
environments and innovative teaching. In the last years she has worked in a shared planning project led by Beate Weyland and Kuno Prey that took place in her Institute. The aim of the project was to redesign some spaces of the school starting from pedagogy .

The book “Ridisegnare la scuola tra didattica, architettura e design” describes the experience of the project.


Teacher and coordinator of cultural department

Laura Filippi is a teacher of Artigianelli School since 2004, after the degree in Science of Education, Expert in formative processes.

Artigianelli is an Institute that in the last years has grown more and more to offer to our students more possibilities to answer to the complexity of the current times that demand high life skills in addition to the technical ones.

During these years, she taught cultural matters, in the specific Italian language, history and history of art and she has been involved in innovative projects about didactic innovation, assessment and teaching through competences and special needs students. For three years, she has been a coordinator of the cultural department in her school and she is the project manager of Mosaic.

She enjoys reading, attending art expositions and spending her free time to improve her knowledge and having fun with her family