EfVET European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

EfVET is an umbrella association (1991) which main purpose is to build a network of VET institutions to secure a voice across Europe in both policymaking and practice arenas. EfVET represents 250 associations in 35 countries (including in Africa, South Asia and Australia), with a reach of approximately 200 000 VET professionals and 2.000.000 learners.

Its key areas of work can be grouped in 4 categories, namely: representing of the VET sector at European level; influencing policies and decisions that directly and indirectly affect VET systems in Europe; promoting networking opportunities among Members facilitating their access to relevant information, resources and tools, and acting as a key dissemination partner in different projects and initiatives carried out by both

Members and EfVET.
One of its highlight activities is EfVET Annual Conference, which brings together over 250 participants from across Europe and high-level speakers, being a cornerstone for networking and for sharing successful practices between its Members.

EfVET sits on a number of key working groups and coordinating bodies across the European Commission´s policy domain, and also advises CEDEFOP working groups and its Community of Learning Providers. It is also part of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships and Pact for Skills.

Its small team works full time in EfVET office in Brussels, providing support to the Governance Bodies of EfVET (Executive Management Board and EfVET Board), while being responsible for implementing projects’ activities in which EfVET is involved – EfVET Secretariat.

In all those projects, EfVET Secretariat manages their implementation, monitors tasks and provides professional support mainly to the Dissemination packages, given its extensive Membership and broad reach through EfVET Newsletters and EfVET Magazines, and other channels of communication used with its Members and organisations/institutions dedicated to the VET sector in the EU and beyond.

Team members

Susana Nogueira

Policy/Project Officer

As Policy & Project Officer, Susana Nogueira participates in the formulation of EfVET policy and strategy with respect to relevant topics for VET, whilst networking with EfVET Thematic Teams’ groups to contribute to EU decision-making in relevant fields.

Moreover, she manages some of the Erasmus+ funded projects in which EfVET is involved, focused on topics such as digital and green transitions, development of technical and transversal skills through formal, non-formal and informal learning, and Industry 4.0.

Susana is Portuguese, lives in Lisbon and has a graduation degree in Psychology. She works in Erasmus+ funded projects since 2016, having been involved in several projects since then focused on the VET sector and on the development of training and pedagogical materials relevant for the acquisition of skills that reply to the needs of the labour market in several socio-economic areas, in line with EU policies and strategies for VET and for the quality of its provision

Valentina Chanina

EfVET Secretary General

For more than 20 years, Valentina Chanina has been involved in EU projects and tenders, representing EfVET as project coordinator and partner, conducting research, analysis task and formal reporting, among other project activities.

She is specialised in VET and Adult Education, and has an extensive experience in connecting with the European Commission and with the European Parliament, networking with these and other relevant EU institutions for the development and growth of the VET sector in Europe.

Responsible for supporting the technical and financial management of Erasmus+ funded projects where EfVET is involved, as well as for the development and promotion of their national and European dissemination strategies, Valentina has developed significant technical skills and the ability to manage projects and bring together diverse, talented teams to achieve organisational goals.