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MOSAIC at the 2023 Forum on Vocational Excellence

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MOSAIC at the 2023 Forum on Vocational Excellence: Providing today’s talent with the skills to build a great tomorrow 

The Forum on Vocational Excellence 2023 concluded its impactful two-day discussions held from September 25th to 26th in Amsterdam. Hosted by organisations such as Katapult, Tknika, and CopCoves, and with the European Commission’s support, this forum gave attendees a vision of Europe’s vocational training’s future. Important issues like digitalisation, healthy ageing, climate and energy transition, and labour shortages took center stage. This brought into focus the crucial role of Centres of Vocational Excellence in these areas. Our team from MOSAIC actively took part and contributed in these discussions. 

The main goal? To ensure vocational education stays current and effective. With today’s rapid changes, it’s crucial that we adapt and tackle challenges head-on. That’s where CoVEs have shown real promise with their innovative solutions. 

Highlights from the Forum

Day 1

The day began with insights into the Dutch system of vocational education and training. Attendees got a closer look at how public-private partnerships in VET function. These partnerships, which include universities, regional governments, and employers, work on new ways of learning, research, and skill development. This ensures that everyone, from students to experienced workers, stays updated and relevant in their fields.

Day 2

The day was marked by a blend of offline and online events at Circa Amsterdam. Commencing with interactive discussions, notable speakers including Mr. Nicolas Schmit, the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights; Mr. Robbert Dijkgraaf, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science and other experts took the stage. Their discourse highlighted the success of the CoVE initiative and potential pathways to bolster vocational education across Europe.

The forum also hosted several workshops co-created by CoVE project leaders, focusing on diverse aspects of vocational excellence, ranging from digital and green skills to the importance of applied research.

Claire Challande-Osuna, the head of the International Department of SEPR, France- the coordinator of the MOSAIC project, joined a panel discussion alongside Theodor Grassos and Dag Willmann, representing TourX and Bridges CoVEs. The exchange revolved around managing CoVEs effectively, maintaining partner enthusiasm, and implementing sustainable strategies in projects.

 Moreover, the MOSAIC team, in collaboration with projects BarCove and AirinVET, hosted an engaging workshop session moderated by Lida Poghosyan. This included a workshop where participants engaged in a role-play game, designed by MOSAIC’s research partner from Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne Eva Libran Perez. This hands-on experience allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the role of the MOSAIC consortium and explore the methodologies the team employs. Key insights, potential challenges, and best practices in applied research methods were shared, especially catering to those new to the field. The workshop focused on:

  1. Bridging the gap between distinct domains, notably Research, Education, and Business.
  2. Building a unified understanding of research expectations across diverse partners.
  3. Strategies to effectively engage with companies for gathering relevant data to analyze skills gaps.

What’s Next?

We’re already eager for the 2024 edition, set to happen in Lyon – MOSAIC coordinator SEPR’s home city. It promises to build upon the learnings and discussions from this year.

The forum wasn’t just about discussions and workshops. It celebrated Europe’s dedication to elevating vocational training. Echoing this sentiment, the Dutch Minister commented, “Let’s stop talking about soft skills as soft – they are rock hard!!”

With 2023’s edition coming to a close, all eyes are now on the next forum in 2024, anticipating more enriching discussions and collaborations. 

Browse through the photos of the event here!

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